Kirsten Lindquist Rowe
Attorney at Law - Certified Civil Mediator

In the heat of a dispute, reaching an agreement-- or even finding common ground—is rarely easy. The outside perspective of an experienced, skilled mediator can be the difference between resolution, and a dispute that lingers on for years. Mediation of the issues in a lawsuit, especially one that involves complex issues, requires a skilled, experienced mediator who understands the nature of litigation.

As a commercial and civil litigation attorney, Kirsten has represented individuals, small business owners, and Fortune 500 companies-- and knows first hand the concerns, challenges, and perspectives that underlie a dispute. In addition to her litigation experience, Kirsten is also an Assistant Professor of Business Law at Santa Fe College, and is a member of the 8th Circuit's Judicial Nominating Commission. Kirsten puts this experience to work, by identifying the issues, providing insight, addressing concerns, and helping the parties reach a resolution.

Kirsten specializes in personal injury, product liability, and insurance matters. She also specializes in both mortgage mediation and foreclosure mediation. Kirsten is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil mediator, and is available to mediate throughout North Central Florida, including Gainesville/Alachua County and Ocala, without any additional travel costs.

For more information about Kirsten, the mediation process, or to schedule a mediation, please contact Kirsten at

Kirsten Lindquist Rowe - Attorney at Law - Certified Circuit Civil Mediator - Gainesville, FL
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